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toda una vida 

A collection based on zircons, a beautiful natural stone with ancient origins; its strong and intense colors, and the diamond cut, give them a brilliance similar to diamonds. All gems are set entirely by hand, and in 

several colors: yellow, green, blue, red, purple, brown.

Available in silver or in9 carats rose gold,( polished or satin). There are Two pieces: rings, and special earrings, special because you can just buy one piece and use it as earring or charm; but if you buy two, you can use them as earrings or bracelet. 



Small open rings, polished or satin, playing every day with a new combination.

the zircons are set by hand, 





The collection in Gold,with an essential and refined line.

The finish can be polished or satin and  you can have fun mixing all the combinations.






This one is an open spiral that allows to be adjusted . The finish can be glossy or satin.

           80 €

Anello in argento 925
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